Copa America 2024 Host and New Format

Copa America 2024 Host and New Format: The 2024 CONCACAF Nations League, starting in September 2023, expands to 16 teams in League A, a qualifier for Copa America 2024 in the USA.

The 2024 Copa América, the 48th edition, will take place in the United States, co-organized by CONCACAF and CONMEBOL, the South American football governing body.

Copa America 2024 Host

Copa America 2024 Overview

Argentina will be defending their title in the upcoming Copa America 2024 tournament. They won the previous edition in 2021, which took place in Brazil. In the finals, they beat the hosts with a score of 1-0 to claim the trophy. Colombia secured the third spot by defeating Peru 3-2, and their players celebrated enthusiastically during the medal ceremony.

The Copa America 2023-24 will feature 16 teams, with 10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from CONCACAF. The teams from North America, Central America, and the Caribbean will qualify through the 2023-24 CONCACAF Nations League tournament.

While the official list of host stadiums is yet to be confirmed, discussions are ongoing with potential venues in the United States. Some sources suggest that the tournament may use stadiums set to host the 2026 World Cup.

Historically, not only South American teams but also guest countries have been invited to participate. The United States has been invited to the tournament four times in the past, with their most recent appearance in 2016 when they reached the semi-finals.

The 2016 edition was particularly significant as it was the first time the cup was hosted outside South America, marking a historic moment and serving as a celebration of both CONMEBOL and the centenary of Copa America 2023-24.

Copa America 2024 Host

At first, Ecuador was expected to host the Copa America 2024 following the host rotation order in the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). However, according to CONMEBOL President Alejandro Domínguez, Ecuador had been nominated, but the official selection to host the competition had not been confirmed.

In November 2022, Ecuador decided not to host the tournament, which led to the search for a new host country. Currently, there has been no official announcement regarding the new host country for Copa America 2023-24.

However, on January 27, 2023, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL made a joint announcement about a strategic partnership. As a result of this partnership, the United States will host the Copa America 2023-24. This choice came after both Peru and the USA showed interest in hosting the tournament, and Ecuador declined.

The decision to hold the Copa America 2023-24 in the US is significant, as it’s viewed as a strategic move to assess the country’s readiness for hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup. This tournament promises to be an exciting event for soccer fans, featuring some of the best teams from South America and the CONCACAF region.

Copa America 2024 Format

Format for Copa America 2024: In this tournament, the 12 lowest-ranked teams in League A will be split into two groups, each containing six teams. Every team will play a total of four games, with two at home and two away. The top two teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinals.

Joining them in the quarterfinals will be the four highest-ranked teams in League A according to the FIFA rankings in March 2023. These top teams are Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States.

The quarterfinals will be played as two-legged matches, and the winners will secure automatic qualification for both the CONCACAF finals and the Copa America 2023-24. The four teams that don’t make it will compete in play-in games to determine the remaining two qualifiers for the Copa America.

Copa America Winners and Runners-up List


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