Copa America 2024: Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head Records And Stats

Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head Records And Stats: View the complete history of Brazil vs Argentina matches, including dates, results, and scores. The 2024 Copa América is the 48th edition of the Copa América, a major international men’s soccer championship managed by CONMEBOL, South America’s soccer governing body, held every four years.

Copa America 2024 is scheduled to take place in the United States, co-organized by CONCACAF. This marks the second time the United States will host the tournament, following its hosting of the Copa América Centenario in 2016. Argentina currently holds the title of defending champions.The 48th edition of Copa America, the prominent South American football tournament, is approaching its climax with a highly anticipated final match between Brazil and Argentina on July 10, 2023, at Estadio Maracana.

This upcoming match will mark the 113th encounter between these two powerhouse teams. Their previous clashes total an impressive 112 matches. Before the thrilling match, take a glimpse at the historical Brazil and Argentina Head-to-Head statistics of the Copa America 2024.

Brazil vs Argentina Head to Head Records

Brazil vs Argentina Head to Head Records

Throughout their history, Brazil has maintained a slight advantage over Argentina, securing victory in 46 out of the 113 matches played, while 25 matches concluded in a draw. On the other hand, Argentina has claimed triumph in 41 encounters against their South American counterparts, potentially closing the gap further in the upcoming months.

The first match played between Argentina and Brazil took place in 1914 as a friendly match, with Argentina securing a 3-0 victory. Most recently, the two teams faced off in the Copa America 2021 final. Argentina claimed the victory with a 1-0 score, ultimately clinching the Copa 2021 title.

Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head Records And Stats

Date      MatchResultCompetition
20 Sep 1914Argentina v Brazil3-0International Friendly
27 Sep 1914Argentina v Brazil0-1Copa Julio Roca
10 Jul 1916Argentina v Brazil1-1Copa America
27 Sep 1916Argentina v Brazil0-1Copa Julio Roca
03 Oct 1917Argentina v Brazil4-2Copa America
18 May 1919Brazil v Argentina3-1Copa America
01 Jun 1919Brazil v Argentina3-3Copa Roberto Cherry
25 Sep 1920Brazil v Argentina0-2Copa America
12 Oct 1920Argentina v Brazil3-1International Friendly
02 Oct 1921Argentina v Brazil1-0Copa America
15 Oct 1922Brazil v Argentina2-0Copa America
22 Oct 1922Brazil v Argentina2-1Copa Julio Roca
18 Nov 1923Argentina v Brazil2-1Copa America
02 Dec 1923Argentina v Brazil0-2Copa Confraternidad
09 Dec 1923Argentina v Brazil2-0Copa Julio Roca
13 Dec 1925Argentina v Brazil4-1Copa America
25 Dec 1925Argentina v Brazil2-2Copa America
30 Jan 1937Argentina v Brazil1-0Copa America
01 Feb 1937Argentina v Brazil2-0Copa America
15 Jan 1939Brazil v Argentina1-5Copa Julio Roca
22 Jan 1939Brazil v Argentina3-2Copa Julio Roca
18 Feb 1940Brazil v Argentina2-2Copa Julio Roca
25 Feb 1940Brazil v Argentina0-3Copa Julio Roca
05 Mar 1940Argentina v Brazil6-1Copa Julio Roca
10 Mar 1940Argentina v Brazil2-3Copa Julio Roca
17 Mar 1940Argentina v Brazil5-1Copa Julio Roca
17 Jan 1942Argentina v Brazil2-1Copa America
15 Feb 1945Argentina v Brazil3-1Copa America
16 Dec 1945Brazil v Argentina3-4Copa Julio Roca
20 Dec 1945Brazil v Argentina6-2Copa Julio Roca
23 Dec 1945Brazil v Argentina3-1Copa Julio Roca
10 Feb 1946Argentina v Brazil2-0Copa America
05 Feb 1956Brazil v Argentina1-0Copa America
18 Mar 1956Brazil v Argentina2-2Panamerican Championship
08 Jul 1956Argentina v Brazil0-0Copa del Atlantico
05 Dec 1956Brazil v Argentina1-2International Friendly
03 Apr 1957Argentina v Brazil3-0Copa America
07 Jul 1957Brazil v Argentina1-2Copa Julio Roca
10 Jul 1957Brazil v Argentina2-0Copa Julio Roca
04 Apr 1959Argentina v Brazil1-1Copa America
22 Dec 1959Argentina v Brazil4-1Copa America
13 Mar 1960Argentina v Brazil2-1Panamerican Championship
20 Mar 1960Brazil v Argentina1-0Panamerican Championship
25 May 1960Argentina v Brazil4-2Copa Julio Roca
29 May 1960Argentina v Brazil1-4Copa Julio Roca
12 Jul 1960Brazil v Argentina5-1Copa del Atlantico
03 Feb 1962Brazil v Argentina0-0SA NOVOS
24 Mar 1963Argentina v Brazil3-0Copa America
13 Apr 1963Brazil v Argentina2-3Copa Julio Roca
16 Apr 1963Brazil v Argentina5-2Copa Julio Roca
03 Jun 1964Brazil v Argentina0-3Copa das Nacoes
07 Sep 1964Brazil v Argentina3-0International Friendly
09 Jun 1965Brazil v Argentina0-0International Friendly
07 Aug 1968Brazil v Argentina4-1International Friendly
11 Aug 1968Brazil v Argentina3-2International Friendly
04 Mar 1970Brazil v Argentina0-2International Friendly
08 Mar 1970Brazil v Argentina2-1International Friendly
28 Jul 1971Argentina v Brazil1-1Copa Julio Roca
31 Jul 1971Argentina v Brazil2-2Copa Julio Roca
30 Jun 1974Argentina v Brazil1-2FIFA World Cup
06 Aug 1975Brazil v Argentina2-1Copa America
16 Aug 1975Argentina v Brazil0-1Copa America
27 Feb 1976Argentina v Brazil1-2Copa del Atlantico
19 May 1976Brazil v Argentina2-0Copa del Atlantico
18 Jun 1978Argentina v Brazil0-0FIFA World Cup
02 Aug 1979Brazil v Argentina2-1Copa America
23 Aug 1979Argentina v Brazil2-2Copa America
04 Jan 1981Argentina v Brazil1-1Gold Cup
02 Jul 1982Brazil v Argentina3-1FIFA World Cup
24 Aug 1983Argentina v Brazil1-0Copa America
14 Sep 1983Brazil v Argentina0-0Copa America
17 Jun 1984Brazil v Argentina0-0International Friendly
05 May 1985Brazil v Argentina2-1International Friendly
10 Jul 1988Argentina v Brazil0-0Bicentennial Gold Cup
12 Jul 1989Brazil v Argentina2-0Copa America
24 Jun 1990Brazil v Argentina0-1FIFA World Cup
27 Mar 1991Argentina v Brazil3-3International Friendly
27 Jun 1991Brazil v Argentina1-1International Friendly
17 Jul 1991Brazil v Argentina2-3Copa America
18 Feb 1993Argentina v Brazil1-1International Friendly
27 Jun 1993Brazil v Argentina1-1Copa America
24 Mar 1994Brazil v Argentina2-0International Friendly
17 Jul 1995Brazil v Argentina2-2Copa America
08 Nov 1995Argentina v Brazil0-1International Friendly
29 Apr 1998Brazil v Argentina0-1International Friendly
11 Jul 1999Brazil v Argentina2-1Copa America
04 Sep 1999Argentina v Brazil2-0International Friendly
07 Sep 1999Brazil v Argentina4-2International Friendly
26 Jul 2000Brazil v Argentina3-1FIFA World Cup
05 Sep 2001Argentina v Brazil2-1FIFA World Cup
02 Jun 2004Brazil v Argentina3-1FIFA World Cup
25 Jul 2004Argentina v Brazil2-2Copa America
08 Jun 2005Argentina v Brazil3-1FIFA World Cup
29 Jun 2005Brazil v Argentina4-1FIFA Confederations Cup
03 Sep 2006Brazil v Argentina3-0International Friendly
15 Jul 2007Argentina v Brazil0-3Copa America
18 Jun 2008Brazil v Argentina0-0FIFA World Cup
05 Sep 2009Argentina v Brazil1-3FIFA World Cup
17 Nov 2010Argentina v Brazil1-0International Friendly
14 Sep 2011Argentina v Brazil0-0Superclasico de las Americas
28 Sep 2011Brazil v Argentina2-0Superclasico de las Americas
09 Jun 2012Argentina v Brazil4-3International Friendly
20 Sep 2012Brazil v Argentina2-1Superclasico de las Americas
21 Nov 2012Argentina v Brazil2-1Superclasico de las Americas
11 Oct 2014Brazil v Argentina2-0Superclasico de las Americas
13 Nov 2015Argentina v Brazil1-1FIFA World Cup
10 Nov 2016Brazil v Argentina3-0FIFA World Cup
09 Jun 2017Brazil v Argentina0-1Superclasico de las Americas
16 Oct 2018Argentina v Brazil0-1Superclasico de las Americas
02 Jul 2019Brazil v Argentina2-0Copa America
15 Nov 2019Brazil v Argentina0-1Superclasico de las Americas
11 Jul 2021Argentina vs Brazil1-0Copa America

Brazil vs Argentina Statistics

  • First Meeting – 20th September 1914 (Argentina 3: 0 Brazil)
  • Most Player Appearances – Zavier Zanetti (16)
  • Top Scorer – Pele (8)
  • Largest Victory – Argentina 6: 1 Brazil (Roca Cup) – 5th March 1940
  • Total Goals Forwarded by Brazil – 166
  • Total Goals Forwarded by Argentina – 163

Copa America 2024 Final Prediction: Who will win, Brazil or Argentina?

Anticipating the outcome of the semifinal match between Brazil and Argentina is a challenging feat. Experts foresee the possibility of the game extending into extra time and potentially leading to a nail-biting penalty shootout.

Both teams have showcased impressive performance and display confidence in securing a spot in the final. With the skills of Neymar and Richarlison in play, Brazil may find a way to overcome Argentina’s defense and secure their place in the Copa America 2024 final.


Who is better Argentina or Brazil?

In terms of historical World Cup achievements, Brazil has secured 5 victories and finished as runners-up twice, while Argentina has claimed 2 victories and attained the runners-up position thrice. Despite this, there is a prevailing sentiment that Argentina currently boasts a stronger team compared to Brazil, with a deeper pool of pure talent including notable players such as Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Mascherano, and Lavezzi, contrasting with Brazil’s roster primarily comprised of Neymar and Douglas Costa.

Who won more cups Brazil or Argentina?

Brazil holds the record for the most FIFA World Cup victories, having clinched the title five times. In joint second place, Germany and Italy have each secured four World Cup titles. Argentina, the champions of the 2022 tournament, have three World Cup victories to their name.

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