Top 10 Best Football Managers in the World Right Now

Many football managers have left a lasting impression on the sport, from legends like Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger to the pioneers who injected passion and flair into the game. These managers have earned the respect and admiration of football fans for various reasons. While success is the obvious factor, fans also appreciate a manager who shows loyalty and devotion to the club. Let’s delve into the complete detailed article on Top 10 Best Football Managers in the World Right Now.

Best Football Managers

Top 10 Best Football Managers in the World Right Now

Winning titles is a clear sign of success, but fans also love a manager who creates a positive atmosphere and shows it consistently. With Ferguson and Wenger gone, there are new faces in the spotlight, especially Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. This made us curious. Who are the best Football Managers in the World?

Carlo Ancelotti – Real Madrid Manager

Ancelotti, the calm and composed leader, has had a dream-like career as a manager. He has handled the immense pressure of leading some of the top clubs in Europe with ease. He has been a master of his craft, and a stylish one at that.

The Italian is now at Real Madrid, one of the giants of Europe, after stints at Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, and Everton (yes, Everton). He has added to his impressive trophy collection with a La Liga title and a Champions League. Some may be shocked to see him at the top of this list, ahead of number two.

Ancelotti’s record at Madrid

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Pep Guardiola – Manchester City Manager

Guardiola is widely regarded as the world’s top manager today, after leading Man City to a historic treble and dominating the game at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. He deserves this recognition, as he has coached some of the best players in the sport – such as Lionel Messi and Rico Lewis, who he considers as his favourites. He has elevated the standard of Premier League football with his innovative and tactical genius.

His style of play, based on keeping the ball and controlling the game, has transformed the way we enjoy and appreciate football today. Without his presence and influence on the side lines every week, football would be a very different sport.

Guardiola’s record at Man City

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Jürgen Klopp – Liverpool Manager

Klopp is the man who transformed Liverpool’s destiny, with his charisma and passion that only the finest coaches can match. He has also combined his attractive football with an impressive points-per-game ratio that only two managers have surpassed, and the Liverpool fans know how fortunate they are.

The 56-year-old strategist, who previously managed Dortmund, is known throughout the football world for his famous “Gegenpressing” style, which has made him a legend of the beautiful game. He revived a club that was in a dark period and made them Premier League and European champions, with a lot of personality too. He has announced that he will depart Anfield at the end of the 2023/24 season, and Liverpool will have a hard time finding a successor who can fill his shoes.

Klopp’s record at Liverpool

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho is known as ‘The Special One’ for a reason, as he has coached some of the best players in the sport. He is a polarising figure, who inspires love or hate, but his impressive achievements on the managerial scene cannot be ignored.

He is famous for his spell in west London with Chelsea, but his two stints at the Blues’ domestic foes Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur were less successful. After being fired by Roma, it might be reasonable to say that Mourinho is past his best. But his contribution to the game is undeniable.

Mikel Arteta – Arsenal Manager

Arteta is a fresh face in the managerial scene, unlike the other four names we discussed earlier. But he has won the hearts of fans from all over the world, even though he has not achieved any major success (such as league trophies) yet. However, that should not overshadow his impact in north London since he took charge in 2019.

He had a shaky start, but the club’s continuous support has transformed them into a new force, much to the joy of the Emirates supporters. With a clear vision that matches Arsenal’s philosophy and style of play, Arteta is already one of the best managers in Premier League history by the numbers, and he will be a role model for many as he evolves from learner to leader.

Arteta’s record at Arsenal

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Xavi – Barcelona Manager

A former Spain and Barcelona star who was part of some of the greatest teams ever, Xavi has switched roles and become the coach of the latter. He is still a young manager, and his journey at the top is just starting. He had a good start, leading the Blaugrana to a La Liga title in 2022/23, but this season has been a letdown for the Spanish icon.

Xavi has faced more pressure due to poor results, and he has confessed that he is “nearer to the end of my tenure than the beginning.” That’s not a good sign, but his Barcelona team’s performance before their slump in form has clearly impressed fans. However, he might fall a few spots if their bad form persists.

Xavi’s record at Barcelona

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Diego Simeone – Atletico Madrid Manager

Simeone is a master of a defensive style, and his name is synonymous with Atlético Madrid, where he is the best manager ever. He has earned his place among the top coaches with his smart tactics and his relentless spirit that he passes on to his players. The tough Argentine enjoys the challenge of facing his arch-enemies Real Madrid, who have more resources than him.

He is a managerial legend that many fans of the Metropolitano Stadium-based team have adored for his 12-year spell at the club. He has committed to stay at the club until 2027 after renewing his contract in November 2023. He deserves a higher rank than seventh for a manager as outstanding as Simeone.

Simeone’s record at Atletico Madrid

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Julian Nagelsmann – Germany Manager

After a disappointing spell at Bayern Munich, where he won 60 out of 84 matches, Nagelsmann left behind one of the best coaching jobs in Europe to pursue an incredible challenge: the Germany national team. Nagelsmann earned his reputation as a top-class coach at Hoffenheim, where he showed his tactical acumen and innovation despite the lack of silverware.

He is praised for his refreshing approach, which involves a high-intensity and hard-working style of play. At only 36 years old and with a long career ahead of him, the German is ahead of his time and has the potential to become one of the greatest managers in football history.

Nagelsmann’s record with Germany

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

Simone Inzaghi – Inter Milan Manager

Simone Inzaghi faced a tough challenge against Manchester City in the previous season’s Champions League final – and Romelu Lukaku’s performance did not help his cause. But reaching that level of the European competition with Inter Milan demonstrates the huge influence he has exerted since joining the club.

His team’s unbeatable cohesion is remarkable and, apart from their skills, makes them a formidable opponent. Simone, the brother of Filippo, the legendary Italian striker, is carving his own path in the coaching world and seems to be leaving his imprint on Serie A, even though he has not yet lifted the league title. Battling Juventus for the top spot in 2023/24, could this be his year?

Inzaghi’s record at Inter

MatchesWinsDrawsLossesPoints per match

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